About us


Our goal is to improve the lives of the 1.5 Billion people worldwide that have difficulty hearing


Knisper–founded as Audus Technologies–was created by Marciano Ferrier, a former ENT doctor from The Netherlands. Singularly dedicated to serving hearing-impaired patients, he sought the best technology to help them. Increasingly frustrated by the lack of innovation within the hearing aid industry, he took matters into his own hands. Together with Nouri Khalass, Joshua Krosenbrink, Saladin Afoh and Joost Taverne he developed this groundbreaking technology that improves audibility and speech intelligibility of audio on any device.

Advisory board

Afke Schaart-Taghzout

Afke Schaart-Taghzout is SVP & Chief Global Impact at Huawei. Based in Shenzhen, China, she leads Global Impact on Society / ESG Initiatives and is advancing Huawei’s partnerships with Governments, NGO’s and International Organizations. She is a Member of the Global Public Affairs & Communications Leadership Team.

Harald Swinkels

Harald Swinkels founded Exosphere, an Amsterdam, The Netherlands based film production company. Harald Swinkels is an award-winning writer, director and producer and a serial entrepreneur. Before following his childhood dream into film, he founded several companies together with Pieter Schoen, the most famous being Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij, which became the largest independent energy supplier in the Netherlands.

Michel van Wissen

Michel van Wissen is currently EVP Large and Corporate Enterprises at KPN, the largest Telco & Cable provider in The Netherlands. An experienced telco-executive, he has deep understanding of how innovation is prerequisite for adapting to changing customer demands.