Helps employees reach their full potential by improving audibility and speech intelligibility in the (remote) workspace

  • Increases productivity
  • Improves digital accessibility
  • Helps with comprehending foreign languages

Working remotely, hybrid or on-site; video conferencing has become an integral part of most peoples’ workplace. It has also created increased awareness of the importance of technological support in our work environment. Zoom fatigue is real. Knisper WORKSPACE improves audibility and speech intelligibility in the (remote) workplace, by modifying all system audio on any laptop or desktop computer. Knisper WORKSPACE is platform agnostic and is compatible with MS Teams, Google Meet, Zoom and all other platforms. Knisper WORKSPACE prevents miscommunication. It increases productivity, improves digital accessibility for people experiencing hearing loss and helps with comprehending foreign languages. Knisper WORKSPACE also helps organizations reach their ESG, DEIA and SDG goals.

Knisper WORKSPACE is easy to install and very user friendly. Just click on the Knisper icon in the taskbar and off you go!